With “Last Giants 2” and “Fishing Bites”: make way for “Tuesdays at Cyril” on Évasion from February 28

With “Last Giants 2” and “Fishing Buffs”: place at «Tuesdays at Cyril» on Évasion from February 28


Cyril Chauquet continues to search for the “Last Giants” of the planet in the second season of his series of the same name, which starts on Tuesday February 28 on Évasion.< /strong> 

Surrounded by a band of experts, the French animator demonstrates bravery – or madness, depending on your assessment – ​​as he ventures into the Central American jungle , in swamps of South America or on volcanic islands of the South Pacific in “Last Giants”.

The guys are waist deep in water, surrounded by piranhas and caimans, when they set out to capture a giant freshwater stingray, which the production describes as “a colossus fish that towers over the range. food from the wild and swampy area of ​​the Esteros del Ibera”.

In the jungle of Nicaragua, where dangers once again abound, they want to get their hands on “the legendary tarpon, a predator on steroids” .

Then, they go to sea, to the Marquesas Islands, in French Polynesia, one of the archipelagos furthest from the mainland. They are then on a quest to capture the ignobilis trevally, a “fish that reigns supreme over coral reefs”, while rubbing shoulders with “several of the most dangerous species of sharks” on the planet.

In short, Cyril Chauquet, 47, does not offer small, quiet expeditions, and the series also brings many – strong – emotions to viewers through these sport fishing expeditions with a good dose of suspense.

“Tuesdays at Cyril” starting February 28

It should be noted that Évasion is programming another show every Tuesday, starting February 28, featuring Cyril Chauquet, or “Fishing Buff,” starting at 9 p.m., just after the second season of “Last Giants 2.” With two meetings presented one after the other, the TVA Group channel has named this segment of its programming “Tuesdays at Cyril”.