With Linclusif, Thomas Lario integrates disability into games, for a more inclusive society

With Linclusif, Thomas Lario integrates disability into games, for a more inclusive society

Thomas Lario créé des jeux favorisant la société inclusive. – DR

Thomas Lario lives in Sète. He is the founder of Linclusif, which aims to facilitate the links essential to an inclusive society. 

Founded by Thomas Lario, Linclusif is much more than a simple games company. Aged 43 and living in Sète with his family, Thomas has a clear and ambitious vision: creating inclusive social bonds through fun activities.

A journey marked by commitment

“Throughout my career, I have acquired solid skills in management and performance management, explains Thomas. But what really motivated me to create Linclusif was my personal life. Living with Marfan syndrome and dealing with different disability situations in my family."

Linclusif stands out for the diversity and uniqueness of its creations, which cover the entire national territory. Whether for individuals, schools, leisure centers, municipalities, businesses or institutions such as the French Paralympic Sports Committee, Linclusif's games meet a variety of needs and are always customizable.

Games for everyone, designed for everyone

Among its flagship creations is 'ColoriAZ', a coloring generator incorporating balanced representations of male and female disability, used at events like the Paralympics and sailing competitions. There is also the "Loto Inclusif", reinvented to associate a simple image with each number, facilitating the participation of children from 3 years old and people who do not know numbers. Furthermore, "Cocofors" is the first board game illustrated with characters with or without disabilities, which does not have disability as a central theme. Present in more than 90 departments, it has its place in all game libraries.

Thomas also relies on Boccia, a Paralympic sport. Played indoors and seated, with leather balls, this sport is similar to pétanque. Linclusif is partner of Sonia Heckel, world number 1 in category BC3.

A local anchor, a national ambition

Thomas' vision doesn't stop there. Linclusif is working on “Cocofors 2028”, a variation of the Cocofors universe into 10 categories of general public board games. "Our objective is to raise awareness and unite around the representation and participation of characters with disabilities, even when disability is not the theme", specifies Thomas.

Although Linclusif operates throughout the national territory, Thomas wishes to intensify its actions in the Thau basin. "We want to resonate a "Cocorico" Sétois, reflecting the unique approach of our singular island," he declares.

For more information, visit www.linclusif.fr or contact thomas@linclusif.fr I subscribe to read more

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