With no flag

Avec pas de drapeau

Worse, have you enjoyed the show live from the Universe on the summer solstice ? Or was this the party of diversity, Québec solidaire ?

What, am I wrong ? You’re telling me that the program presented on Tuesday evening on our major networks was the big celebration of the Saint-Jean ? It was the culmination of the celebrations of the national day, this time of the year where we highlight our pride in being who we are, all united under the same flag ?

But then, why was there no flag to rally under the flags ? Are you telling me that in this province, whose motto is ” I remember “, we had… forgot the flags ?


Seriously, I don’s displeasure is most ardent since Tuesday. Even if the show’s June 23, live from Three Rivers was splendid, moving, it is still the height of absurdity to celebrate our national day without the national symbols.

It’s like a parade of father Christmas without the big guy in red. Or a gay pride parade without a flag rainbow.

It took hours and hours of planning, preparation, rehearsal for the grand spectacle. At no time, Martine Desjardins, the head of the national Movement of Quebec and Quebec, has found that there was no flag ?

The director, artistic director and stage director Jean-François Blais has not noticed that there was no flag ?

Pierre Lapointe and Ariane Moffatt did not notice that there was no flag ?

The producer Sylvain Parent-Bédard from Quebec has not noticed that there was no flag of Québec to the national holiday of Quebec ?

Do you think for two seconds that Americans will forget their flag star on July 4, or that the French forget their banner in red, white and blue 14 ?

Oh really, the federalists believe should laugh in their beard : “Look at these Québécois, not only they autoflagellent year-round, but in addition, on the day of their feast, they are not even fucking to hoist their flag up high to show their pride.”

You remember in 1989 when Ontario Brockville had trampled on the flag of quebec to protest against the fact that we were a separate company ?

There is even more to fear than others we trample, we will clear ourselves !

I would have liked the Cowboys fringants will be there on Tuesday night, on stage. They would have been able to sing one of my favorite songs with these prophetic words : “Chu born in the seventies, in Quebec’s changing / Where does the emblem of the fleur-de-lys gave a little hope to the people (…) But when I re-guard it today, chu so not proud of my country (…) If this is modern Quebec, well I I put my flag at half mast “.


A word in closing on Émile Bilodeau, who has pointed to the national day with a macaron anti act 21. Mr. Bilodeau has the right to think what he wants to of the act 21, a law passed democratically by a majority government, and supported by 70 % of the population. But I wonder : what artist would have been introduced in 1977 to the national day, wearing a badge anti-bill 101 ?

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