With Putin, perhaps we will become friends — trump at the NATO summit

С Путиным, возможно, мы станем друзьями, — Трамп на саммите НАТО

The President of the United States Donald trump does not exclude that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin will become friends. He stated this during a briefing at the NATO summit, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“He (Putin. — Ed.) — our competitor! He is not my enemy and not a friend! When we met several times, we’ve found a common language! It’s not a question of friendship. He is not my enemy! Maybe after some time we will become friends, but I do not know”, — he said.

According to the President of the United States, he does not want Putin to become a threat to security in Europe.

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“I don’t want Putin was a threat to security (Europe. — Ed.)! That’s why we have NATO, that’s why the United States to increase the military budget. We have a military budget will reach $ 700 billion next year. I think I agree with Russia”, — he said.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, trump and Putin scheduled for July 16. In Helsinki, the two presidents are due to discuss economic sanctions, arms control, the situation in Ukraine.

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