With the basketball court and the connected fitness area, sport is gaining ground in the city center of Sète

With the basketball court and the connected fitness area, sport is gaining ground in the city center of Sète

Basketball players were out in force for the morning tournament. Midi Libre – Kelman Marti

More than a month after the initial date of April 27, the inauguration of the 3×3 basketball court and the connected fitness area on Place de la République took place on Saturday, June 1 under a big blue sky.

No bad weather, therefore, this Saturday, June 1, to lead to a new postponement, nor to slow down the thirty young basketball players who came in the morning for a friendly tournament, nor even athletes who are fans of streetworkout.

As a reminder, the two free access infrastructures were able to be created thanks to the recent labeling “Active and sporting city” and are part of the “50 000 local equipment” of the State, which thus subsidized the projects at 50% (43,000,000).

Infrastructures serving schools

They will benefit “6 primary schools, 3 middle schools and 2 high schools in the city centre, for a total of 3,500 students”, announced Mayor François Commeinhes, before cutting the ribbon. At the same time, the Iron Bar association and the Sport Club Sète Basket will offer regular sessions and courses, particularly during school holidays, respectively on the fitness area and on the basketball court.

“These facilities successfully meet a strong demand and the development of urban sports practice. And there are a lot of people!", rejoices Hervé Marques, deputy delegate for sport. “And there was no need to wait for the inauguration for people to come”, remarks Ramzi Abed, member of the Sport Club Sète Basket and organizer of the morning 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

On the occasion of this inauguration, the mayor also took the opportunity to announce the integration of Sète “into the national program 'Savoir rouler à vélo' designed to help children aged 6 to 11 acquire the skills needed to cycle properly in public spaces. As such, “a cycle learning circuit” will be set up, probably next year, within the Biascamano sports complex.

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