With the birthday girl Polyakova trouble on vacation: “It’s scary”

С именинницей Поляковой случилась беда на отдыхе: "Это страшно"

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January 17, its 36 th anniversary celebrates one of the most famous Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova. He celebrates this day in Ukraine, as in America, but is there on tour.
And start your day, she decided a short story of their adventure in America.

Hello from not very Sunny, but Mexico. I promised you to tell a terrible tale! says the singer

and begins his story with how hard she had to get to Cancun. After all, she came here quite by accident, although it was planned.
But five minutes before leaving the hotel in new York city star found that loss of the passport together with visas, her and Alice.
It only has a valid passport without a U.S. visa, and to travel to Cancun only need her.
Olga says that she was in full hysterics, and with tears in his eyes. She even was going to stay at the hotel, and already thought about buying tickets home to Kiev. Suddenly in her mind flashed the thought of having to deal with all the way to the airport. And the miracle happened!

We, of course, helped all who could: friends and acquaintances at the Consulate, but interestingly it turned out. It turns out that in Mexico do not need a visa, sufficient current biometric passports, visas, valid in the United States and Canada, and an invitation from the Embassy. And strangely, within half an hour we make it an official letter to me and Alice. Can you imagine?We like this invitation printed on the knee, which in America don’t know, I didn’t want to let in the plane, and all have taken their places on Board, we waited for the supervisor to give good and somehow I still allowed inside. Miraculously I got on the plane and this morning it turned out that my passport was found in new York. Olga Polyakova

The emotions of the star and would not let her stop for a minute, because all her time is planned to the last detail.

What I had to endure words to describe difficult – it’s so awful and scary, I burnt all the money for a vacation in Mexico, vacations in Miami, all purchased tickets for me and Alice, but most importantly – the business class from Miami to Kiev. You know what preceded it? On tour in the U.S. I’m very tired and at some point he says: “I don’t need no vacation, I didn’t want to!” And the universe replied: “you don’t have to. You have no passport”. I realized my mistake immediately and asked the universe not to punish me, promising to think in 2020, only positively. And she took it and turned to face me! Olga Polyakova

Queen of the night could not only time to get to, but bragged of photos from Cancun, the beautiful sea and the passport.

Earlier, the popular Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova invited everyone to “Dating in Vegas.”

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” Olya Polyakova said that once her attention was persevering one of the Ministers during the reign of the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that the attention of fans also drew dancers Olga

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