With the boyfriend of the daughter Zavorotnyuk happened misfortune: the former Queen rushed for help

С ухажером дочери Заворотнюк случилось несчастье: бывший Королевой примчался за помощью

Anna Zavorotnyuk, photo: Instagram

today, 13:21

Former beloved Russian singer Natasha Koroleva Igor Nikolaev met with rapper Egor Creed on the set of “Song of the year”. He supported a colleague who had recently suffered a serious injury.

Egor Krid, who recently courted the daughter of the star of “My fair nanny” Anna Zavorotnyuk, many of the show appeared with a bandaged hand. So, he came with an injury even on the show Vanya Urgant.

It is known that the creed had severely damaged the fingers on the clip and are now forced to walk with a bandaged hand.

“Egor, happy new year! — wrote in Instagram Nikolaev. — A work injury to be okay!”

Egor Krid quite fickle in their attentions. So, he met with the actress Miroslava Karpovich, and he attributed courting the heiress actress Zavorotnyuk Anna.

However, recently saw creed with another singer Zivert (aka Julia Sievert), a singer of songs of Life and “Green wave”. It is reported that the pair first appeared together at events. So, creed singer hugged gently by the waist.

We will remind, the husband of car crash escaped from Russia with his mistress.

As reported Know. ua, boyfriend younger Zavorotnyuk noticed in the arms of the flamboyant singer.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Zavorotniuk getting better every day.

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