With the reopening of the theaters, Hollywood is gambling its future

Avec la réouverture des cinémas, Hollywood joue son avenir

Hollywood would return to the big screen: the thriller ” Berserk “, with Russell Crowe, is scheduled for release on July 10, the first film in the dining room in the United States since the theaters have dropped the curtain because of the coronavirus, there are more than three months.

On 31 July, it is the long awaited “Tenet” is Christopher Nolan who has to take the path of the dark halls.

This bet of a quick return in the room will he be paying for the studios?

While the big chains of cinemas across the country are considering turning the spotlight during the first half of July, the meeting rooms in New York and Los Angeles do not have permission to reopen it.

And even with the measures of social distancing and increasing the frequency of cleaning, it remains to be seen whether the public will accept the return in these closed spaces, with the risk of a possible second wave of the pandemic.

AMC, the first network of cinemas in the world, has caused a stir by refusing to make the mask mandatory in its cinemas. Facing criticism, the company has had to make a volte-face, making masks mandatory in some areas of the country where its complex has reopened.

Distributors, independent studios, producers of blockbusters, everyone will have their eyes glued on the next outing.

“Hollywood is not a place where competitors often have the habit of wishing success “, has amused the producer of the film ” Rabid “, Mark Gill. “But in these particular circumstances, everybody hopes that we’re going to get out of it. ”

His film went to the opposite of the trend of the moment, moving his release date, while the major studios throw at dates more remote in the year.

The risk is worth the effort

“Someone has to spend the first, is the risk really worth the candle,” according to analyst Jeff Bock specializing in entertainment at Exhibitor Relations. “But I think they don’t have all the chances of their sides,” he adds.

The film “Berserk” is a “repeat for the other studios,” he continued. The litmus test will be the output of one of the super-productions of the most expected, ” Tenet “, on 31 July.

Director Christopher Nolan, known for ” Inception “, has insisted that his film to $ 200 million produced by Warner Bros retains its original release date.

The dissemination of the film, has had to be postponed by two weeks to the end of July, to leave to New York and Los Angeles the time to be able to reopen their rooms.

“Mulan,” Disney is also scheduled for July, after the reopening of the parks Disney Workd and Disneyland, even if some experts predict that the release could be moved if the families are shy to reinvest the dark halls.

“Word-of-mouth will no longer be based on the movies that are really good but on movie theaters that comply with the” measures of security, ” says Bock.

“You are dead “

Want to go too quickly can be dangerous as was shown in China, where the cinemas of several of the provinces have re-opened their doors with optimism from the end of march, to close in again a few days later.

The capital Beijing is now experiencing a second wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus, pushing the authorities to confine them to new parts of the city.

If new epidemics are related to theaters in the United States, the “cinemas are going to close very quickly, and for a very long time,” bodes Jeff Bock.

This concern has appeared at the big day in Los Angeles on Friday when the bars and tattoo parlours have been allowed to reopen, but not the cinemas.

The director of “Rabid” prefers to focus on the tens of thousands of empty rooms that are dying to reopen across the country, without any new film to be broadcast, but without a guarantee that the public is waiting for you.

“You can have a movie open, and a good movie, to be completely alone in the room, do as you must, “he says,” But if nobody comes. You are dead. “

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