With Turbul' en Chap' in Marcel-Rouvière, a window opening onto the world of the circus

With Turbul' en Chap' in Marcel-Rouvière, a window opening onto the world of the circus

Les chapiteaux ont été montés sur le sable du stade Marcel-Rouvière. Midi Libre – Midi Libre

Rendez-vous du 8 au 17 juillet pour des ateliers et des spectacles, quotidiens et gratuits.

In eighteen years, Turbul’en Chap’will have known several star tracks: the stadiums of Amandiers, Oliviers and, now, Marcel-Rouvière. Even, during the Covid-19 period, the Place Avogadro. Without leaving his favorite place: the neighborhoods of Pissevin and Valdegour. Still in a bohemian spirit, between caravans and marquees, workshops and shows, the joyful troupe of the Appel d'Air association is back, from July 8 to 17, for a nineteenth edition of this popular and artistic education project, targeting a wide audience, from the ZUP to the city center, from children to seniors.
"We wanted to add a social dimension to the leisure circus activity of Turbul, rewinds Pierre Chartier, remembering the beginnings of the event. L’idea ? A free project, a welcome without gauges or restrictions, for children, teenagers and parents, who wanted to spend some time with us and do the circus.&amp ;quot;

Quickly, Turbul’en Chap’ seduced an audience curious to discover circus art and its actors. "The challenge is to have fun, to be creative, to use your body, to move, details Paul Roubiol, production manager. The opportunity also for this troop of convinced "put a spotlight on this neighborhood to say that, there, there are inhabitants, intelligence, wealth, will…" And an obvious artistic fiber: many of the kids, after these 15 days in the circus, joined the specialized school Turbul…

Ask for the program!

Turbul en chap’places its marquees on the sand of the Marcel-Rouvière stadium, 140 avenue Georges-Dayan, from July 8 to 17. Every day, without registration, from 6 p.m. & 8:30 p.m., free circus workshops of 1 à 99 years old with acrobatics, juggling, trapeze, unicycle, hunts, flying trapeze, slackline. Workshops followed in the evening, from 8:30 p.m., always without reservation with a free show. On July 8, "À time" by Haut de Alto. On the 9th, "The apple" by the company Eve § Eve. On the 10th, "Indomitable" by Ki Watt. On 11, Turbulian cabaret by Turbul. On the 12th, juggling games. On the 13th, "He was 3 times" by La Belle Apocalypse. The 14th, second turbulent cabaret. On the 15th, "Send waltz" by Similar. On the 16th, "Cabaret sauvage" from Favorita Productions. On the 17th, carte blanche à Stand Hop.

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