Withdrawal of textbooks in Hong Kong: Pompeo denounces an act of censorship

Retrait des livres scolaires à Hong Kong: Pompeo dénonce un acte de censure

The head of american diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, has denounced Monday an act of “orwellian” of “censorship” on the part of China, after the Hong Kong government has ordered schools to remove books that could violate the national security act imposed last week by Beijing.

“While the ink is still fresh on the repressive law on national security, the local authorities – in an act of orwellian – have […] begun to remove books critical of the CCP [chinese communist Party] in the past the shelves of libraries, to ban political slogans, and are now asking schools to impose censorship,” said the american secretary of State in a press release.

“The destruction by the chinese communist Party of a Hong Kong free continues,” he continued, condemning what he called “recent attacks against the rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong”.

The government pro-Beijing to the former british colony has called on schools to”examine the educational material, including the books” and “withdraw” in the event of a “content expired, or may be similar to the four types of offences defined by the law on national security. This directive was announced two days after the libraries have indicated remove from their shelves the books that are likely to violate it.

Enacted last Tuesday by the chinese president, Xi Jinping, this law is, according to its critics, a decline of freedoms unprecedented since the handover to China by the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, in 1997.

For the United States as in other western countries, it is to silence the opposition after the demonstrations of last year, which aimed to denounce the influence of the government.

The u.s. Congress adopted on Thursday a law providing for the punishment of those responsible chinese applying the new rules of safe repressive against Hong Kong. The legislation must still be enacted by the president and Donald Trump to enter into force.

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