Without Guy: when is the premiere of the spin-off of “the Big Lebowski”

New movie filmed in the role of Jesus, John Turturro

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Без Чувака: когда состоится премьера спин-оффа "Большой Лебовски"

Frame from the movie “the Big Lebowski”

Fans of Jeff bridges hope for the continuation of the cult film “the Big Lebowski“. Recently the actor has published a “zatravochka” – they say to be continued, however the video was advertising. Now appeared information about the fact that in 2020 will be a spin-off of the movie “the Big Lebowski” – The Jesus Rolls. Writes about this Variety.

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It is reported that the new film was made for the role of Jesus John Turturro. It is also known that he himself had written the screenplay for the film. The film stars Bobby cannavale, Audrey Tautou, Jon Hamm, Susan Sarandon and Pete Davidson.

According to Turturro, his painting – “about the foolishness of men who try, fail and try again to understand the mystery of women”.

In the center of the plot of the new film will be one of the characters in “the Big Lebowski” — Jesus Quintana. It’s one of the regulars at the bowling club, which plays the main hero of the tape Jeff Lebowski, better known as the Dude (Jeff bridges). However, in the new film Man appears.

The film by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen “the Big Lebowski” tells the story of a man nicknamed the Dude (Jeff bridges), who once confused with the namesake of the millionaire. Jesus was episodic character of the film who constantly swore, used vulgar sexual metaphors and talked about himself in the third person.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Coen brothers will shoot a sequel film.

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