Without mysticism has not managed: the participants of the Russian show “the Last hero” EN masse from the life

Без мистики не обошлось: участники российского шоу "Последний герой" массово уходят из жизни

today, 22:10

As you know, this year in Moscow, died a famous Russian singer and the participant of the reality show “Last hero” – 4 Yuliya Nachalova. So, the reason the death star was caused by acute renal failure and sepsis blood amid the gangrene.

Then the fans noticed one extremely mystical and tragic at the same time the pattern – that after participating in this show die stars. So, it’s still early after participating in the reality died a famous rapper Decl and Zhanna Friske.

Без мистики не обошлось: участники российского шоу "Последний герой" массово уходят из жизни

Yana Volkova, photos from free sources

Now, new information about the death of another member of the project “the Last hero”, but rather the winner, Yana Volkova. Note that the girl to participate in the show served 8 years in the army, where he received the rank of ensign. So, Volkova remembered by the audience the nature of the “iron lady”, stubbornness and will to live.

And on the days of military died. According to preliminary data, the cause of death was illness that plagued the woman last years of his life.

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