Without news, restaurateurs are angry

Without news, restaurant owners are angry


Still greatly affected by the last-minute closure of their restaurants on New Year's Eve, restaurateurs have no news from the government regarding an upcoming reopening, while certain reductions in sanitary measures were announced this week.

“We can no longer always be the first to close and the last to reopen,” laments Pierre Moreau, CEO of the Restos Plaisirs group in the Quebec City region, in an interview. in the Journal de Québec

“The last closure, we had a hard time understanding it. We could have stayed open with the bubbles. When I walk in supermarkets and I see people walking around with the mask down their nose and I don't know if they are vaccinated, I think it was safer in my restaurants, ”explains- he. 

Restaurants have no idea at this time when they will be able to resume operations and have no communication with the government. 

< p>“We need predictability, we can't reopen a restaurant like that! We would like to know that a little in advance. At the moment we have no information. Put yourself in the shoes of our employees who stop working repeatedly, four times over a period of almost two years. It doesn’t make sense what these people are going through,” denounces Mr. Moreau.

The CEO of Restos Plaisirs hopes to reopen his establishments at the beginning of February. Until then, he can count on some government aid, especially federal aid. 

“Not from the Quebec government: it's a fairly complex program that only applies to people who have working capital problems, management is not easy, there are many criteria, it is managed locally by certain organisations. What helps us are the federal programs, which allow us to keep our heads above water,” he explains.

Restaurant owners can no longer take yo-yos, says Mr. Moreau, those who have complied with the health measures put in place by Quebec, whether it is wearing a mask, checking the health passport, distancing, capacities reduced. 

The final closure was the straw that broke the camel's back.  

“I have rarely seen restaurateurs as angry as that. The last closure, they had a hard time understanding it. What that implies in terms of management, a closure a few hours before December 31, it was not just anything. The government must listen to the concerns of these merchants, and above all, we must remain open,” he concludes.  

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