Witnesses attacked the crashed truck of beer: video

During the mass theft among many residents of the city Curuguaty arose a quarrel

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Очевидцы набросились на разбившейся грузовик с пивом: видео

A truck loaded with beer tipped over and cheered the passers-by

A truck loaded with beer overturned in the Paraguayan city Curuguaty. The incident happened on the morning of Wednesday, August 28. Truck Scania R124L-360 are transported in the trailer of 30 thousand cans of alcoholic beverage.

On the bridge connecting the districts of Cerro Cora and San Miguel city Curuguaty, the trailer rocked and 28-year-old driver kept the car in balance. The trailer launched on the road and turned over. It is reported ABC Color.

Published footage shows how passers-by approach the scene of the accident and carry a few packs with you. Some of them even loaded with beer huge bags. The publication indicates that during the mass theft among many local residents arose a quarrel.

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Driver Edgar angel Gamarra Zamudio was not injured. For the missing beer, he most likely will have to pay.

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