Woke $$$

Woke $$$

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Recently, I told you about the three most important cultural organizations in the country that have created leadership positions entirely dedicated to “Equity, diversity and inclusion”.

The title of my column? Diversity pays off .

In fact, the headline should have been: “Diversity pays off”.

Un of these positions is paid more than the Premier of Quebec …


Since the spring, Radio-Canada, Telefilm and the National Film Board have created brand new executive positions to manage the buzzwords in business: equity, diversity and inclusion.

I wanted to know how much were paid these high ranking officials high-sounding titles.

Let's start with Radio-Canada. & Nbsp;

Yolande James is Director General, Diversity and Inclusion. Lilly Nguyen is Director, Culture and External Engagement, in the Diversity and Inclusion team at Radio-Canada. & Nbsp;

Marc Pichette of Radio-Canada responded to my request for information. “The salary range for a director at CBC/Radio-Canada is between $ 95,000 and $ 158,000. CBC/Radio-Canada does not make public the salary ranges of its managing directors, which may vary based on their responsibilities, qualifications and other similar positions in the market. “& Nbsp;

So Ms. Nguyen can be paid up to $ 158,000 per year and Ms. James … a lot more but we don't know how much. & Nbsp;

Now let's move on to Telefilm. Cathy Wong has been Vice-President, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Official Languages ​​since November 8. Telefilm confirmed to me: “The salary range for the position is $ 145,505 to $ 227,958”.

I remind you that François Legault, Premier of Quebec, who manages a pandemic, is paid $ 205,793.


Rachel Décoste is Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the National Film Board. She was the one who congratulated an Ontario school board on Twitter for having “eliminated racist books from their repertoire.”

Magalie Boutin, head of media relations, first replied that the Ms. Décoste's salary was confidential.

But after I insisted, and invoked the Access to Information Act, Ms. Boutin replied, “As mentioned, the salary scales for our executives are not published. However, I have obtained the authorization to share the authorization from the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion which is between $ 99,400 and $ 129,900. “

I remind you that the NFB has an annual budget of 67 million. I also remind you that in 2019, a collective of 250 directors deplored their poor salary conditions as precarious creators. “Over the past 16 years, there has been a 56% decline in funding for film production, while spending on administration, marketing and executive salaries has steadily increased.”

NFB president Claude Joli-Coeur retorted: “Since I took office, the number of executives has remained stable, and we are much fewer employees.”

We pay directors slingshot but we create a new post of vice-president? Hello austerity!


Golden jobs paid in six (6) figures, to speak of white privilege, of appropriation cultural, decolonization, unconscious bias, systemic racism and white fragility.

Yes, really, the new woke ideology is VERY paying off. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Woke $$$

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