Wokes are leftist conspirators

Wokes are leftist conspirators

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Have you seen how activists who see racism, sexism and homophobia across Canada remain silent in front of countries where religious minorities are locked in camps, where little girls are auctioned off and homosexuals thrown down the tenth floor?

When it comes to criticizing these countries, our “warriors for social justice” are never around.


But when it's time to criticize the “misogyny” of a 1950s Christmas tune that everyone has forgotten, oh dear, hang in there, the wokes are going up to the barricades!

Quick, we must ban this song from the airwaves! Put the name of your performer on a blacklist!

And if there are any 45s left from that filthy song, you have to throw them into the very blaze where some old ones were burnt Lucky Luke !

The future of humanity depends on it!

This is called “choosing your battles”.

We get excited about silliness, but we are frozen in the face of real atrocities …

Criticize China? Iran? Saudi Arabia?

But … You don’t think about it! It's racist, come on!

We do not criticize the cultural practices of other countries! This is colonialism! It belongs to them!

While a white Quebec humorist who wonders if there really is a rape culture in Quebec, that's a monster!

An individual toxic!

Hurry, we have to shut him up!

We’re brave at the wokes! We are not afraid to attack the real enemies of progress!


The more I watch the militants go wokes, plus I find these people to be as low-pitched as the anti-tax guys and conspirators.

Oh, they make themselves look like great intellectuals! The cutting edge of university thought, the cutting edge of social progress!

And that quotes you Gilles Deleuze! Jacques Derrida ! Michel Foucault ! The great masters of French Theory and of social deconstructionism!

But when you scratch a little, you realize that most of these activists are no more brilliant than the zozos who believe the Earth is flat.

They just have a better marketing strategy, that's all.

Less pimples in the face, more teeth in the mouth, and more stylish glasses.

It's harder to imagine them naked in front of their computer at three in the morning with a bag of Doritos between their thighs.

But they are swimming in the same muddy waters as the conspirators.

In Toronto, wokes succeeded in having a conference canceled by one of the country's leading criminalists (Marie Henein) on the pretext that lawyers defending alleged assailants are infrequent and dangerous!

Should we not know anything about the justice system!

This is what differentiates democracies from dictatorships! The fact that in a democracy, even the worst scoundrels have the right to a full and complete defense!


In fact, the conspirators and wokes are two sides of the same coin.

They are so obsessed with their little theories that they forget the facts and reality …

Wokes are leftist conspirators

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