Woman fined 46 thousand hryvnias from-for a dead phone

The British acquired the portable charger again not to get into a similar situation

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Девушку оштрафовали на 46 тысяч гривен из-за севшего телефона

The British received a penalty because of a dead phone

Blogger Jemima Kelly London (UK) paid for the trip in a bus and a half pounds with the help of Apple Pay in their mobile phone, but then it ran out of battery. And when after five minutes she was approached by the conductor, she could not show a receipt. Writes about this edition of The Mirror.

As the authors of the publication, the girl forgot about the incident, but two months later she received a letter from transport Corporation of London. It was said she had 21 days to plead guilty or deny it. Kelly sent the Bank receipt in which he confirmed the withdrawal of the ticket, but the lawyers of the transport Corporation did not accept this evidence.

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In the end, the decision of the court the Briton was fined £ 476,5 (almost 15 thousand). Because of the fine unpaid time she broke on a trip to the US Embassy refused to issue her a visa. In the end she lost a thousand pounds ($31 thousand UAH) that she paid for non-refundable plane tickets.

Kelly said he was not going to stop using Apple Pay, but bought a portable charger to again get into a similar situation.

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