Woman guilty of poisoning lookalike with cheesecake

Woman guilty of poisoning her look-alike with cheesecake


Viktoria Nasyrova, a Russian-born woman, is found guilty of poisoning her beautician with the intention of killing her to steal her identity.  

The event happened in New York in 2016 when Ms Nasyrova gave a piece of cake to her beautician, Olga Tsvyk, according to the BBC.

Viktoria Nasyrova (guilty)

At the time, the two women shared similar facial features in addition to dark hair and speaking Russian. Tsvyk had lost consciousness after eating the cake given by his client.

The accused had put her victim in her bed, had dressed her in lingerie and had placed pills all over the room in order to to pass it off as suicide.

Olga Tsvyk's friends had finally found him in his apartment, before taking him to the hospital. Her passport, work permit, $4,000 in cash and jewelry were missing. 

Left, Viktoria Nasyrova (guilty); on the right, Olga Tsvyk (victim)

On February 9, Viktoria Nasyrova was convicted of attempted murder, assault and unlawful imprisonment. She faces a 25-year prison sentence.