Women's hockey: A preview of the final before time

Women's Hockey: A preview of the final before time< /p> UPDATE DAY

An old English adage states that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. A duel between Canada and the United States in a final of a women's hockey event, however, could be the third.

It will not be the final of the World Hockey Championship. women's hockey when the two rival teams take to the rink on Tuesday in Herning, Denmark, but it's sure to be a taste of the competition's final game as they battle for top spot in Group A in the part of the last match of the preliminary phase.

The Canadians will thus try to extend their unbeaten streak to 18 games, they who had perfect courses at the last World Cup, as well as at the last Olympic Games.

“It is important that the players keep practice their good habits, pay attention to detail and commit to playing the style of play we want, assistant coach Kori Cheverie said after her team's 9-0 victory against the Japanese on Sunday. As long as they're going to work offensively and defensively, we'll be in good shape.”

Applying this ideology will be especially important against their neighbors to the south, the only team able to compete with them on the international stage.

The United States is pulverizing Switzerland

Hours before facing them, the Canadians got a taste of the Americans' punching power on Monday. The representatives of the United States indeed defeated Switzerland 9 to 0 in a game of the preliminary round.

The Swiss conceded four goals in the first period and they were never able to recover. It was also the 10th American victory in as many games between the two nations in this tournament.

Hilary Knight and Taylor Heise scored twice, while Alex Carpenter collected three mentions help. Maddie Rooney only had to make four saves to sign the shutout.

“They'll be a lot more physical, in a good way,” Heise said of Canada after the win. hers, her words were taken up by the IIHF website. We're going to have to get the puck in the right spot for our teammates and grab center ice. It doesn't matter which attacker or defender is in the crease with the puck, they will be able to score.”

The United States joins Canada in first place in the group A. The two countries will meet on Tuesday to seal the classification before the playoffs.