Women's hockey: a salary cap of $750,000

Women's Hockey: $750,000 salary cap


The Premier Hockey Federation (PHF), the women's hockey circuit that recently granted an expansion team to Montreal, unveiled its new salary distribution policy on Thursday, specifying that each team will have to respect a ceiling of $750,000. 

The agreement reached between the league and its players' association will offer athletes the possibility of authorizing or not the disclosure of their remuneration. 

The seven clubs will be able to grant two-year contracts and female hockey will have the chance to obtain a signing bonus equivalent to 10% of the total value of the pact.

Currently, 71 skaters have an agreement in anticipation of the next campaign and 18 of them have agreed to make their pay information public. The PHF's preeminent guard last season, Dominique Kremer of the Buffalo Beauts, received $65,000.

“This is another important step for the growth and development of the PHF. This is a good reflection of the collaboration that exists between league management, our athletes, the Players' Association, the Board of Governors and the commissioner,” said the commissioner, Reagan Carey, in a press release.

< p>“Salary transparency can help set standards in our industry and help others in their own bargaining process. However, each player's case is unique and we understand that not everyone wants to publicize their personal information,” said Association President Nicole Corriero.

On July 12, the PHF confirmed the arrival of a team in Montreal and it will play its games at Center 21.02 in Verdun. Kevin Raphaël, whom many can see on the screen of TVA Sports, will act as president.