“Women’s quarter” revealed the secret past of Elena Kravetz: unique footage

"Женский квартал" обнажил тайное прошлое Елены Кравец: уникальные кадры

Elena Kravets, FUNART.pro

today, 07:35

On the eve of the New year, Instagram of the stars of Ukrainian show-business began to dapple archival photographs on which they are posing near the trees at a children’s party. Girls from the “Women’s quarter” decided to join this calengoo and began to put on the page show baby pictures of the participants. Among others, there were photos with the head of the team, Elena Kravets.

Thus, the photo collage that appeared on the page “Women’s quarter”, you can see the modern photo of Elena and her picture from the Christmas party. “For a long time at a children’s party in kindergarten I played the snow maiden, because it was the blond in the group. But then, when the hair is dark, I “downgraded” to the Snowflakes!”, – said Kravets. And fans of star beauty began to discuss her photo. It should be noted that these photo collages appeared with the stories of Olga and Irina Jakovlevoj Soponaru.

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Recall Kravets of “95 Quarter” admitted why her daughter left home.

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