Won the artificial intelligence in the debate

Человек победил искусственный интеллект в дебатах

Opponents discussed the topic, about which I learned directly before the debate. The audience awarded the victory to man.

In San Francisco at the conference IBM had held a debate on human and artificial intelligence. Victory in the dispute went to 31-year-old totally, Harish Natarajan. It is reported Bloomberg.

Computer Debater with artificial intelligence and his opponent Harish Natarajan learned the theme of the debate just before they start. Computer and people arguing on the necessity of subsidies for preschool education.

Both were given 15 minutes to prepare. In memory Debater contains more than 10 billion sentences of 300 million scientific articles from which he drew the necessary arguments. For four minutes artificial intelligence and people brought their arguments and replied to the remarks of the opponent.

The audience gave the victory to the man – 31-year-old totally, Harish Natarajan. The guy was a finalist of the world Championship debates among universities and European competition debate.

Yesterday in Thailand, opened its first store without any staff. It was also reported that the scientists said, when the robots can capture.

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