Wonder Woman 2 – 1984 : Gal Gadot makes the show in a trailer, awesome

Wonder Woman 2 – 1984 : Gal Gadot makes the show in a trailer, awesome

See you in 2020 to find Diana (Gal Gadot) in Wonder Woman 2 – 1984. And after the first trailer, the member of the Justice League will once again be ultra badass and we put full eyes.

Forget Black Widow and its characters who speak English between them so that they are russians (where is the logic ?!), see you June 3, 2020 at the cinema to discover the real super-heroine the most badass in the world of comics, to know… Wonder Woman.

First trailer for epic for Wonder Woman 2

After a first film especially cool released in 2017 – despite a formula rather simplistic in its execution, the friend of Batman and Superman moves years 14-18 to experience the craziness of the 80’s in Wonder Woman 2 – 1984. And despite more than 60 years gap between both of these adventures, Diana we will show that the years have absolutely no effect on it.

On the contrary, after the first trailer released by Warner Bros and DC, the heroine embodied by Gal Gadot will be even more impressive than ever in new scenes of action and intense fight sequences mind blowing. Yes, she will actually use her lasso on lightning ! It is on a level of badasserie ultimate there.

Especially, in a very (too ?) close of Stranger Things, Wonder Woman – which will Steve Trevor (Chris Prine) thanks to the powers of its new enemy (Pedro Pascal), will once again pay homage to her origins in the comics with a little background enjoyable to Themyscira, and setting before his famous golden armor. The hype is immense.

Wonder Woman 2 – 1984 will be released on June 3, 2020 at the cinema.

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