Wonho leaves Monsta X, fans of K-pop devastated

Wonho quitte Monsta X, les fans de K-pop dévastés

Wonho leaves Monsta X, fans of K-pop devastated

Bad news for fans of K-pop : after the death of Sulley, star of K-pop, and former singer of F(x) and after the start of the woojin would, which has left Stray Kids, today is Wonho to announce his departure from Monsta X, after rumors that circulate about it. The Monbebe are devastated…

It is a difficult period experienced by the fans of K-pop. After the death of Sulley, star of K-pop, and former singer of F(x), at just 25 years of age, and after the departure of the woojin would, which has left Stray Kids, another bad news came : Wonho leaves the Monsta X !

An announcement made in an official statement shared by the agency Starship Entertainment : “After a long discussion with the member of MONSTA X, Wonho, we agreed on the fact that it would be better to separate amicably. We respect deeply the decision of Wonho, which is not to impact the important activities of Monsta X and its future by the recent events surrounding it. We will continue to incur legal procedures against claims of malicious and distorted that put in question. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this will cause to the fans”.

For some time, the singer of K-pop lies at the heart of several charges. Actress Jung Da Eun accuses him of having borrowed 30 million won (approximately € 23,000) without ever making. Later, Han Seo-Hee was accused to have been placed in juvenile detention when he was 17 years old.

Wonho reacts to his departure from Monsta X

Following this announcement, the singer himself took up the word in a letter to his fans. In it, Wonho apologizes to his fans “for not being able to keep the promise to leave you only good memories causing you so much grief” and “to have worried many people because of my personal problems” but also with the people with whom he has worked.

Fans of K-pop devastated

It also responds to the rumors : “there Was a time, I was immature and I made big and small mistakes. But, after you become a trainee and have done my beginnings, I am focused on my career and I worked hard to not be ashamed of myself.”

Fans of Monsta X – nicknamed the Monbebe – is devastated : “The purpose of 2019 is to be the worst year or..? First, Hwall, and then woojin would and now Wonho ? Nope this is too much. I really hope that he goes back on his decision and he would stop feeling guilty for something he did not.“, can we read. “This is the worst year in kpop… between woojin would and Wonho, and the death of Sulley it’s really difficult as a fan of full group it is necessary to stay strong and continue to support them, I hope all the days do not have to Twitter for a member party’.

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