Work begins at Murray Residence

Better late than never. After meeting some glitches during the development of the expansion project, the owner of the Residence Murray Fleurimont, Pierre Chapdelaine, gave the first shovels on the site of Murray Street Friday.
The first phase of construction will consist of erecting a brand new four-storey frontage and six-storey rear annex. Expenses associated with this phase amount to $ 5.5 million. Forty homes will be created. Will then be added a floor on the current building at a cost of $ 2.5 million. The second phase will consist of the addition of 17 dwellings. The opening of these new homes is scheduled for the holiday season around December 22.

This expansion project is necessary for the survival of the Murray Residence according to Mr. Chapdelaine.

“The residence of the White Gold in Asbestos has just closed and there will be more,” he says. With all the regulations of the last years, the buildings must be in perfect condition and, with the staff that must be put, it is no longer profitable. If you want to stay alive, you have to have volume. And, at the same time, we respond to a need. It has been four years since we have requests for apartments with care in the neighborhood. There are a lot of people who are in other residences right now, but who are coming back here. ”

Construction was originally scheduled to begin in March, but has been delayed.

“Funding is always long. There are stages and it is more and more complicated, explains Pierre Chapdelaine. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation barely insures. I would even say that they do not even touch 100 units or less. You have to be strong. We have a good reputation, it helped us. ”

Mr. Chapdelaine assures that 45% of the dwellings have already found takers and is sure that they will all be inhabited at the opening.

Reluctant neighbors

Remember that a citizens’ committee had opposed the expansion of the residence by wishing to protect the heritage of Murray Street. The initial project, which was to be seven storeys high, had been revised and a petition of more than 1,000 signatures had been filed for the renunciation of a referendum on the expansion project. The City of Sherbrooke adopted the project in April 2017.

The project still sows discontent in the neighborhood.

Léo Quenneville recently bought his brother-in-law’s building which is located directly opposite the new construction site. He mentions that the latter sold precisely because of the expansion project.

“He sold it at a discount because he did not want to live that,” says Quenneville. He lived here for 40 years. It was hard for him. The owners next door want to sell too. My tenants are going to bail. I took into account the work in the price, but at one point, as an investor, I also want to make money. ”

“There is a notion of heritage,” he continues. My building dates from 1909. We have just planted a project of several floors in the face. We can not be against the project because it meets a need, but we agree that the primary need is that of Mr. Chapdelaine. ”

Vincent Boutin, District Councilor for the Quatre-Saisons district, explains that it was a logical decision for the City to approve the project.

“There are not many affordable housing deals in the neighborhood. It comes to fill a need on the ground. People who will live here will enjoy King Street East. ”

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