Work on the A709, the oyster boom, swallows in your living room… the essential news in the region

Work on the A709, the oyster boom, swallows in your living room... the essential news in the region

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BTP : un job dating à Alès

#EMPLOI –As part of Building Week, the CFA is hosting a trade forum in Méjannes-lès-Alès on Thursday June 20, concentrated in a “building village” deployed on campus. In the morning, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the career fair will bring together around thirty construction companies and representatives of France Travail for a job dating. Open to all (coming with an up-to-date CV is recommended. According to Aurélia Bortoluzzi, manager at the CFA, "around a hundred offers will be presented, on permanent, fixed-term and contract basis learning".

The number of the day: A709

#HIGHWAY –Work continues in Montpellier, between Odysseum and the Sud de France TGV station. They will cause a change in traffic on the A709 motorway. The new bridge will span the motorway and for this, Vinci Autoroutes must concrete the deck sills. The operation will result in the closure of traffic on the A709 between this Wednesday, June 19, 9 p.m., and Friday, June 21, 7 a.m., between the Montpellier Sud interchange (n° 30) and the Montpellier Est interchange (n°29) in both directions of traffic.

On the Thau pond, the boom in shellfish farms

#HERAULT –Around the Thau pond, shellfish farmers are becoming rarer, but shellfish farms are on the rise. Having gone from 1,200 40 years ago to 400, with lower yields, shellfish farmers are following the trajectory of wine growers. In search of added value, they launched into direct sales with the markets a few years ago. But also the idea of ​​tasting on the production site. The tasting farms were born with pioneers like Nicolas Balcou (Jardins d’Oc), Romain Dupuy (Demoiselles Dupuy), Jean-Paul Varo (mas du Joep), Karine Caussel (La Noisette d’Oc)& ;hellip; Ten years later, the evolution is spectacular. For the summer of 2024, there are 39. By 2035, there could be around a hundred.

A pair of swallows live at his house

#FRONTIGNAN –At Lionel Minguez's, in Frontignan, the birds make their nests. A former member of the maritime hunting association of the Ingril pond and the surrounding marshes, his 20 years as president have “introduced him to nature”. And his love for nature has no limits: in his living room, he welcomes a pair of swallows who have punctuated his life for 10 years. For six months, his window always remains open for the comings and goings of his tenants. “For 10 years, they arrive at the end of March and find their nest. Every year, they arrange the interior by adding horsehair and feathers. The eggs are laid at the beginning of May. For a month, the parents perform a ceaseless ballet to feed their young. They have five this year. They then take flight but occupy the house until September, “, explains Lionel Minguez. Lionel is also involved in the protection of wetlands: "I am president of an association in Biterrois, where we protect a freshwater wetland where there are around fifteen pink flamingo nests. This is a first in France!"

Tourism: an eco-responsible guide

#VALLEE DE L'HERAULT – Vietao editions presented in Gignac, in partnership with the tourist office , Wednesday June 12 the Tao Guide Vallée de l’Hérault Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. This is the first guide that is both eco-responsible and dedicated to this territory. Author Paul Engel, from Hérault, writer and podcaster, delivers authentic and ecological addresses in the valley. After confinement, he spent a month and a half exploring places off the beaten track. The guide offers a selection of 170 ethical places and experiences for accommodation, dining, activities or discovering ecological and social initiatives.

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