“Work, plant, tyranny is hard”: the former member of the “Mushrooms” complained the Russians living in Ukraine

"Работа, завод, произвол - это жестко": экс-участник группы "Грибы" пожаловался россиянам на жизнь в Украине

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Ukrainian producer and singer, one of the founders of the popular band “Mushrooms”, Yuri Bardash in 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of his artistic career. It is known that in the moment of his life, even making a documentary.

Yuri Bardash not particularly fond of interviews, but the producer stepped over his beliefs and was a guest of the famous Russian journalist Yury Duda. In a large candid conversation Bardash told her about his childhood, early career, position in life and shared the opinion about what is happening in the Ukrainian society. This became known thanks to a new video on the YouTube channel “wdwd”.

"Работа, завод, произвол - это жестко": экс-участник группы "Грибы" пожаловался россиянам на жизнь в Украине

Yuri Bardash Yuri Dude, YouTube

The journalist at one point, among the many questions, chose the theme of Donbass and asked the opinion of Bardash.

“What I see in Ukraine for the last five years. I see chaos in this country, maximum chaos. This is a really heavy topic, a very difficult subject, but I have to say. Yes, I often hear the expression: “the Typical Donbass cattle”, often hear. But what I know about the “typical Western cattle” are people who work, they always worked, their life – work, plant, understand it’s very hard,” – said Yuri Bardash.

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Full interview of Yuri Bardash can be viewed at the link below.

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