Worker-Builder: in the village found an exact copy of brad pitt

Nathan Meads says that because of the appearance he could not safely walk around the city

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 09:35

Трудяга-строитель: в деревне нашли точную копию Брэда Питта

33-year-old Builder Nathan Meads similar to pitt

33-year-old Builder Nathan Meads, living in one of the British villages, so similar in appearance to Hollywood actor brad pitt that passers-by often ask for his autograph or a joint photo for memory.

Before the MIDs turned 20 years old, his life was quite measured, but then it began to approach more strangers. The man says that because of the appearance he could not safely walk around the city, after all look at him and see off views.

There were rumors that brad pitt wants children from Jennifer aniston – see the video:

Though Nathan and looked like a Hollywood star, his income is not that big. British paving curbs, sidewalks and driveways for the Bloor Homes in the village of Stoke Mandeville. It brings “pitt clone” about 30 thousand pounds per year (933 thousand UAH), but a real actor earns 12 months of about 7.6 billion hryvnia.

Recall the “zombie copy” of Angelina Jolie showed in the photo, what has become of her face. Later, the girl is a clone of Angelina Jolie spoke about her appearance.

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