Workers deported without their pay in the pouring rain

Travailleurs expulsés sans leur paye sous la pluie battante

Alexis Magnaval

Employee of the montreal company bigarade orange, which actually masks complain of having been thrown out Wednesday in the pouring rain by their employer, because they refused to sign documents announcing their resignation.

“A man came in with the owner [Geneviève Allard-Lorange] to make us fear. He threatened all the employees [saying] “if you do not sign not, I’ll throw it in the street and it is finished,” [ … ] He gave me a packet of paper saying that everyone had to sign, ” described Zaida Melo, who was responsible for the team of seamstresses in the business bigarade orange.

Police Intervention

In the early afternoon Wednesday, the Montreal police was called in to intervene in bigarade orange, a company located on Sainte-Catherine street Is that produces masks, and have expelled a number of dressmakers and seamstresses at the request of the owners, say employees.

According to several of them, the owners have made threats to force them to sign documents in exchange for their pay.

Employees of the company, bigarade orange, in the district of Hochelaga, were dismissed Wednesday. They denounce management and the way they have been treated lately, especially on Wednesday found on the sidewalk.

The paper in question referred to a process of resignation, which would have removed the right to unemployment, ” says Melo.

“There are people who were not paid since 2 months. There are many who live in precarious situations, in refugee situations. And they take advantage of all that to do what they want, ” she says.

Since they have all refused to sign, the owners would then have expelled their employees of the private property, in the pouring rain.

After leaving the company, these are refugees a little to the East in the house area, where political attaché for the member for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Samuel Pignedoli, has explained their use.

A dozen complaints have already been registered in the labour standards, supports Bahia Mohamedi, former right arm of the owner.

“Put on pause “

According to the company, there was no question of putting the employees at the door, but to “put on pause” due to the restructuring of the company.

“It is surprising for an employee to be put on pause. There was a language barrier with the employees who were on site and the director in charge of communications we put sticks in the wheels “, says Jean-François, who is described as the spokesman of bigarade orange, and who does not want to give her family name.

No obligation

He argues that the only paper that was to be signed Wednesday was a confidentiality agreement that was soon to be signed by only one employee-frame.

“It is completely false […] The employees had no obligation to sign any paper that told them that they were laid off. This paper does not even exist among us, ” he continued.

The company bigarade orange is the subject of a lawsuit since the end of June, because it would not have been able to meet the expectations of its suppliers and of its customers in the production of the cover faces.

-With the collaboration of Élise Jetté

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