Working with seniors will finally starting on 6 July

L'aide aux aînés arrivera finalement à compter du 6 juillet

OTTAWA | seniors who are waiting for the one-time payment of up to $ 500 that has promised the federal government three weeks ago will finally receive the money in the week of 6 July.

This is what announced by the prime minister Justin Trudeau, on Thursday, during his press conference in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage.

“While we begin to re-open partially our economy, many seniors will have to stay at home longer in order to protect their health”, he stressed, recalling that the elderly must cope with expenditure increases to deliver their groceries, including.

Ottawa announced on 12 may that it will delay a single payment non-taxable $ 300 to seniors who receive old age Security and will provide $ 200 more to those who receive the guaranteed income Supplement.

Many have however criticized the Trudeau government for its slowness to deliver the aid promised.

The federal government estimates that 6.7 million people will receive one or the other installments, for a total investment of $2.5 billion.

Prime minister Trudeau was also in a hurry to get back on her silence of 20 seconds maintained, Tuesday, when he was called to comment on the threat of the american president Donald Trump to send the army to suppress the protests-racism.

Earlier Thursday, the reverend Al Sharpton, one of the leading figures of the black community in the United States, has added to the chorus of criticism of unchecking an arrow to Mr. Trudeau.

“The time is change and I’m going to speak in my eulogy, and as you are from Canada, I would not take 21 seconds before saying what I have to say it,” he said to a journalist of Radio-Canada, going to the funeral of the African-American George Floyd was killed by a white policeman.

“My job as prime minister is to defend the values of Canadians and stand up for our principles and at the same time ensure the well-being of Canadians and their interests. This is what I shall do always,” replied Mr. Trudeau during his press conference.

It has not provided further details on the intentions behind this silence or if the thing had been calculated.

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