World Autism Awareness Day: numerous events in Nîmes to better understand this disorder

World Autism Awareness Day: numerous events in Nîmes to better understand this disorder

Parler de l'autisme, une nécessité pour mieux comprendre ce handicap. Midi Libre – AUDREY MARTY

This Tuesday, April 2, interventions in schools, auction, raffle or dedications are notably planned.

For World Autism Awareness Day which will take place on Tuesday April 2, the Aspie Family association is increasing its interventions in Nîmes. The program is substantial.

The association's volunteers will start this day at the University of Nîmes and will meet students, teachers and staff between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. . The appointment is set in front of the Sport Health Nutrition Center on the Vauban site.

At the Alzon Institute and at the Tabletterie

They will continue their action at the Emmanuel d’Alzon Institute at 2 p.m. Odile Contassot, president of Aspie Family and Mariana Diallo, teacher and trainer specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders will speak. The intervention will take the form of questions and answers to around a hundred CE1, CM1 and CM2 students.

At 3 p.m., it will be time to draw the raffle at the Tabletterie de Charly Bascou, rue des Marchands. This operation will make it possible to recover funds to carry out the association's numerous projects, the aim of which is to facilitate and improve the care of autistic children and their families.

Au Prolé

From 6 p.m., go to Prolé, rue Jean-Reboul where an auction of paintings and posters created by local artists is planned. With its 170 members, ASPIE FAMILY is counting on this day of April 2, 2024 to raise awareness, mobilize public authorities and businesses in Gard in order to change the way we look at autism and have more resources to support autistic people. and their families, often isolated and sometimes neglected.

A testimonial book

The author, Marie Van Peteghem, the author of the book We go Where ?, published by Éditions Vérone will present her book (on sale at the price of 19&nbsp ;€), at the La tableterie chocolate factory, rue des Marchands, and at the Goyard bookstore. Marie Van Peteghen is the mother of a potentially autistic child. "No precise diagnosis was made", testifies the mother of a daughter who has now become an adult. She had to accept this difference. She had not imagined, either, that her private life would be disrupted on so many occasions, that there would be inconceivable choices to make to preserve her daughter.

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