World Cup: Can Canada cause the upset?

World Cup: Can Canada cause an upset?


It won't be easy, but Canada can upset the 2022 Soccer World Cup. 

Here's what the former national team player Dwayne De Rosario, whose remarks were reported by the Major League Soccer website.

“I'm interested to see how we adapt to playing against teams in an environment like the World Cup, something we have very little experience with, and how we deal with our emotions and how we play,” said the man. represented his country many times between 1996 and 2015.

“However, it could benefit us, because when you play against Belgium, Morocco and Croatia, they say: 'Canada? Come on, it will be easy.'' If we can score a goal early and be up and hold it, it could be quite interesting,” added De Rosario when naming the formations that will be Canada's opponents in Group F.

It will indeed be the first time that the maple leaf takes part in the big event in 36 years. The last time, in the 1986 edition, the Canadian club had not been able to score a single goal in their clashes against the Soviet Union, Hungary and France.

Star players

This time, however, Canada will rely on star players who could make the difference according to De Rosario. The Scarborough, Ont., native brought up Tajon Buchanan, Jonathan David and Cyle Larin.

“[Buchanan] definitely has the speed and he’s confident right now,” he claimed . He has the ability to isolate players one on one, take them on and create big chances.”

“I would love to see Jonathan David be THE player,” continued the 44-year-old. . We need him to be that forward player and Cyle Larin to step things up. At the end of the day, you have to score goals. If you want to get out of the group, you have to score goals to beat teams.”

It remains to be seen whether Canada's representatives will be able to meet De Rosario's expectations from November 20 to December 18. in Qatar. In the meantime, the Canadians will play a pre-season meeting against Uruguay on Tuesday.