World day of red : the top 10 stars redheads that crazy Google

Journée mondiale des roux : le top 10 des stars rousses qui affolent Google

World day of red : the top 10 stars redheads on Google

This Sunday, January 12, 2020, is the world day of red. On this occasion, discover what are the stars redheads (men and women) who have been most-searched on Google. The two ratings where including Ed Sheeran, Sophie Turner and Prince Harry. Necessarily.

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Since the episode of South Park called “Kick a Ginger Day”, the sentence has been transformed into “Kiss a Ginger Day” to create the world day of red. Each year, this day falls on 12 January. It will take place, therefore, Sunday, January 12, 2020, and allows you to celebrate the men and women at the mane of fire, which represent only 2% of the world population. On this occasion, the website Alexa has unveiled the top 10 stars redheads the most searched on Google. A separate classification in two : the first relates to the celebrities of women, and the second door on the men.

Far ahead, the number 1 is Sophie Turner, alias Sansa Stark in the series Game of Thrones. With 1 093 727 monthly searches on average over the year, the wife of Joe Jonas was the star, redhead the most searched on Google in 2019. Then comes the ex-champion of MMA Conor McGregor (irish), with 823 000 queries. And in the third place, it is the singer Sir Elton John, who arrives, with 784 545 monthly searches. A top 3 100% british so.

On the women’s side, there is the star of the song Lana del Rey (3rd) and the actresses Nicole Kidman (2nd) and Julia Roberts (6th). On the side of the top 10 men, it is made up of, among others, Prince Harry (3rd), the singer Ed Sheeran (4th), and actor Tom Hiddleston (6th).

The top 10 women stars redheads on Google

1. Sophie Turner (1 093 727)

2. Nicole Kidman (560 000)

3. Lana del Rey (543 000)

4. Lindsay Lohan (527 909)

5. Emma Stone (512 000)

6. Julia Roberts (452 545)

7. Karen Gillan (446 545)

8. Isla Fisher (445 818)

9. Christina Hendricks (445 091)

10. Bryce Dallas Howard (378 636)

The top 10 male stars redheads on Google

1. Conor McGregor (823 000)

2. Elton John (784545)

3. Prince Harry (562182)

4. Ed Sheeran (514 455)

5. Benedicte Cumberbatch (317 818)

6. Tom Hiddleston (284 091)

7. Chuck Norris (260 909)

8. Louis CK (248 182)

9. Ewan McGregor (232 909)

10. Ron Howard (208455)

Methodology : for each keyword, SEMrush accounts for the research done on in 2019 before establishing a monthly average.

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