World Junior Hockey Championship: Mason McTavish makes history

World Junior Hockey Championship: Mason McTavish Makes History


EDMONTON | Mason McTavish had one of the best offensive performances in Junior Team Canada history. Despite everything, it is for a defensive game that his time with ECJ in 2022 will be remembered. 

The save he made in extra time against the Finns, by stopping a shot from Topi Niemela on the fly which was heading directly into an open net, was officially part of these historic moments that we will still talk about in several years. /p>

“My staff was in the right place at the right time, I guess.” I don't even know why I ended up behind the guard! It was probably not the right positioning but in the end it worked. Afterwards, I went back to the bench and saw that KJ [Kent Johnson] was on a breakaway. They were quite exciting minutes and I am very happy to be on the safe side. »

Few people in the stands, and even on the media catwalk, had realized what McTavish had just done in the heat of the moment, before seeing the replay video. One that didn't miss a thing was goaltender Dylan Garand.

“I just remember seeing the puck go over me, turning around and seeing Mason the Stop. Right after the game, I picked up my phone and watched the replay. He stopped that puck on the fly, it's completely crazy. This is the most beautiful stop I have ever seen! he concluded with a laugh.


If the fans experienced a veritable rollercoaster of emotions during the overtime period yesterday, this was also the case for the players who were on the bench.< /p>

“Elliot [Desnoyers] was sitting next to me and when he goes for the puck he goes, 'Ah, fuck!' In my head, it was over, said Nathan Gaucher. Afterwards, we leave, we score and we win. It's a train of emotions but I think at the end of the day, we deserved it. »

“I don't know how to describe it. I think I was unconscious throughout the extension, launched laughing Desnoyers. I was excited and you hope the guys on the ice make the big plays to win.

“I was discouraged. We all thought we had lost on the bench. The puck went into the goal. I don't know how he made the stoppage, but the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others and it is we who are happy,” added William Dufour.

With an Olympian calm of beginning to end of the tournament, head coach Dave Cameron felt that his captain's game was just a swing of the pendulum.

“That's hockey. We've told our players this often, but when the two best teams play each other, it's going to be decided in two or three games, and Mason made this game. Afterwards, Stank [Logan Stankoven] and Johnny [Kent Johnson ] scored the winning goal. That's what makes the difference in a game like this. »