World Juniors: the preparatory schedule cut by six games

World Juniors: the preparatory schedule cut by six games

Due to the cases of COVID-19 among the German and Swedish teams, the executive committee of the World Junior Hockey Championship has been forced to revise its preparatory schedule. As a result, six of the 10 games that were originally scheduled have been called off.

The preparatory matches will finally take place from Tuesday. Switzerland and Austria will be the first teams to face each other, followed by Finland and the United States. Junior Team Canada will debut on Wednesday against Russia. Slovakia and the Czech Republic will also face each other on day 2 of the preparatory calendar.

Initially, Canada was scheduled to break the ice against Sweden on Monday. Two cases of COVID-19 among Swedish training staff, however, force the team to remain in quarantine until Monday.

On the German side, eight players have contracted the new coronavirus. The team will have to remain in isolation until Thursday as well.

Germany and Sweden will not play pre-season matches.

The tournament is still scheduled to start on Friday at Rogers Place in Edmonton. Canada is scheduled to play its first game of the competition on Saturday, December 26, against Germany.

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