World Record for a flash of more than 700 km long in Brazil

Record mondial pour un ├ęclair de plus de 700 km de long au Br├ęsil

The world meteorological Organization announced on Thursday that a flash of lightning, which has traversed a distance of over 700 km to the skies of Brazil on October 31, 2018 it held the record for the greatest length ever recorded for a flash, established thanks to the new technologies of satellite imagery.

Another record has been validated by the experts of the Organization on the extremes of weather and climate, that of the lightning flash that lasted the longest : a single lightning strike, which is deployed in the skies of the North of Argentina, on march 4, 2019 for 16,73 seconds, the longest ever observed for a single flash.

The length of the lightning bolt that crisscrossed the sky in Brazil to 2018 is the distance between Boston and Washington in the United States, or between London and Basel in Switzerland, according to the Organization.

These two records of length and duration are more than two times higher than those recorded previously.

The previous record for length was that of the lightning of up to 321 km long, recorded June 20, 2007, in the u.s. State of Oklahoma.

The previous duration record, 7,74 seconds, was measured on August 30, 2012 in the South of France.

The new records have been validated thanks to the recent progress in the mapping of lightning flashes by means of the instruments installed on board of observation satellites, which allow to continuously measure “the length and duration of the flashes on the vast wide geo-spatial”, said Randall Cerveny, rapporteur-in-chief of the committee of experts.

These new technologies have enabled the detection of “extreme known under the name of mega-lightning that had not previously been observed,” according to Michael J. Peterson, of the Los Alamos national Laboratory in the United States.

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