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World’s first ‘topless’ sports league: Women will compete topless in the US

World's Premier “topless” sports league: Women will compete topless in the United States


After a women’s football league in lingerie, now a very daring new sports league is about to see the light of day in the United States: a league where women have bare breasts.</strong > 

This was announced by a former American television star turned model on social networks, Holly Sonders.

The one who exposes herself in very skimpy outfits teasers on Twitter and Instagram, among others, will launch the Xposed League in April. According to what is allowed to learn, participants will compete in various sports without wearing a bra.

Sonders, however, has yet to specify what the competitive sports will be. But as she scrolled through her Instagram feed, she dropped some clues. Golf would be on the list.

The most beautiful and the hottest

“Imagine your favorite female models on Instagram competing against each other in your favorite sports while wearing next to nothing,” she wrote. My fantasy becomes a reality in April. Xposed Sports will feature high-quality content featuring the most beautiful women in the world. They will be on fire”, she wrote on the professional page of this new league.

According to her words, Sonders would have found all the participants in her first competition.

“I will oversee all operations and make sure the content is of high quality. I want women to be safe, to have fun and to have fun, she explained on social networks, causing a cascade of responses.

“This league is created by women and for women, added the 36-year-old founder. Feminists should praise it because it will create opportunity for women.”

Lingerie matches for more than a decade

This initiative is in addition to that of the Extreme Football League in the United States. Formerly called the Lingerie Football League and the Legends Football League, the athletes are dressed in protective knee, elbow, shoulder and head gear.

But they show off their panties and bra- gorge.

This league now has eight teams in the land of Uncle Sam as the 2024 schedule will be announced in the fall.

Even Canada had four formations of a football league in lingerie in 2012.

Often singled out and roundly criticized since the founding in 2009, the commissioner of the X-League, Mitch Mortaza, n never hid his goals. According to him, “sex sells”.

“We have a league of Tom Brady, David Beckam and Maria Sharapova. This is the business model, he expressed to the ABC network in September 2013. We are very honest. I think this definitely helps in sports marketing.”

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Who is Holly Sonders?

Sonders rose to prominence in the sports media world from 2010 to 2020 when she burst onto the screen on the Golf Channel as one of the top stars of the morning show “Morning Drive.” She also participated in a few programs devoted to teaching golf until 2014.

She then made the jump to the Fox network where she participated in the coverage of NFL games and the Open of the United States, from 2015 to 2018. She has repeatedly topped magazine’s Most Beautiful Women in Golf charts.

Thereafter, she has branched off into the life of a model on social media, presenting herself in explicit outfits, frequently flirting with the limits of the rules of publication.

Before her career in the media, she wore the colors of the Michigan State University Spartans golf team until 2009, winning the Big Ten Conference championship in 2007. She is now the wife of former boxer and two-time Olympic medalist Oscar de la Hoya. The one who is nicknamed “Golden Boy” became a boxing promoter.

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