Worms: nothing to do with chemo

The treatments that companies do against grubs are not “preventive chemotherapy”, as Évelyne Beaudin told city council, say the entrepreneurs who work in this area.

The owner of Groupe Vertdure de Sherbrooke, François Labbé, does not like this comparison. “We only use products that are approved by Health Canada,” says Labbé. When you use a word like “chemotherapy” it’s terrible to say something like that. If we want to draw a parallel with medicine, we should talk about a vaccine. “

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According to him, the base product of acelepryn, chlorantraniliprole, must be placed on the ground before the insects arrive there. “Acelepryn, which is a registered product, is not used at the healing level. To understand the difference, I can not use this product to kill the white worm that is already in place, “he says.

“Once it is placed on the ground, it is absorbed by the plant,” continued Mr. Labbé. When young white worms come into the world, they feed by the root and poison themselves. The people in the environment committee are very aware of that. ”

For its part, the owner of Weedman Sherbrooke, Philippe Cassie, has the same vision. To say that treatment is akin to preventive chemotherapy is exaggerated, he says. “Products that are very toxic have not been available for a long time in Quebec. What we have left in our toolbox is the least toxic molecules. The idea is to vaccinate the lawn while it is healthy to avoid damage in the fall or the following spring. People have fears of losing their grass like Rock Forest, “he says.

“The nematode is a magnificent product. It is a natural parasite of the white worm. ”
– François Labbé

Nematodes, which could be a biological option, should be used in an ideal context if the client wants good results, think François Labbé. “The nematode is a magnificent product. It is a natural parasite of the white worm. In a noble soil in perfect watering conditions, all that works very well. In real life, it’s not quite the same thing. It’s as if the nematodes were swimming in molasses. ”


The entrepreneurs all agree: the collaboration with the City is very good. “The owners of the three main businesses in Sherbrooke have been on the environment committee for about three years. The collaboration has been there for a long time. We want to give people the right information so that they have a healthy lawn. We did it well before the city asked us to do it, “says François Labbé.

“Not only are we giving the collaboration, but we asked for it. We do not want to hit the head of the city. They do what they think is correct, but studies are done independently, “says François Labbé.

Philippe Cassie also wants to continue giving his opinion to the City of Sherbrooke. “We have made a lot of progress in terms of the environment with the City, especially over the past five years. At this time, Sherbrookers are caught with infestations of white grubs, which are considered quite major in certain sectors. We think that the objective is laudable, it is a little at the level of means we diverge, “he says.

No infestation, no treatments

According to Ville de Sherbrooke environmental project manager Chantal Pelchat, having her land treated should not be the easy solution.

“If I have a presence of white grubs on my property or if I have had in the last 12 months, I could have my land treated. (…) Pesticides are a last resort. We turn off the lights at night, so it will not attract insects. We can leave the grass a little longer. We do not use too much fertilizer and put some clover. There are wrestlers that can be used, “she summarizes.

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