Worrying disappearance of a 56-year-old man, rave party on Larzac, challenge for a good cause: the main news in the region

Worrying disappearance of a 56-year-old man, rave party on Larzac, challenge for a good cause: the main news in the region

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Disturbing disappearance of a fifty-year-old near Corneilhan

#HERAULT. It was Bernard Py’s wife who raised the alarm. The man, who has just celebrated his 56th birthday, has been missing since Wednesday April 10. He then left the family home in Corneilhan around 2 p.m. He left on foot, without phone or bank card.
He is 1.73 m tall, has a strong build, has green-brown eyes and short salt-and-pepper hair. Bernard Py wore a black t-shirt, as well as jeans, a parka and sneakers in the same dark color.
The Hérault gendarmes consider his disappearance worrying, particularly because the fifty-year-old is in fragile health and has not taken his medical treatment.

Which could lead to him becoming disoriented. Anyone with information is asked to urgently call the Murviel-les-Béziers gendarmerie at 04 67 37 83 99.

The Gulf of Lion swimming for a good cause

#SÈTE. To raise funds for the benefit of the SNSM, Jean-Louis Arnaud and seven other swimmers are preparing to reach Cap Creus from Sète. 107 kilometers in total, not counting the drift, which separate Sète from El Puerto de la Selva, north of Cap Creus in Spain.

The departure should be given on Friday June 21 from Sète around five o'clock in the morning. "We hope to raise 10 000 euros, it will depend on who comes to support us", says Jean-Louis Arnaud. The swimmers are still looking for sponsors.

An international rave party on the Larzac plateau

#AVEYRON. Since this Saturday, April 13, in the early morning, several thousand people from France but also from Spain and Italy, have participated in a rave party on the Larzac plateau between Millau and Saint-Affrique .

Gendarmerie and civil security are on site. "They will be there until Monday or Tuesday at the latest", says the sub-prefect of Aveyron Véronique Martin Saint-Léon. This site which had already been chosen by the "teufeurs" in August 2016. At the time, participants numbered in the tens of thousands.

Today's figure: 250,000

#TARN. Three people have just been arrested after the theft of a woman’s handbag Chinese national on the Paris ring road, announces La Dépêche du Midi. Estimated amount of damage: 250,000 euros, the bag containing luxury items including a precious stone that she intended to give to her son.

The victim is, in fact, the companion of Tarn senator Philippe Folliot. The influential businesswoman was allegedly followed by the criminals according to the Dépêche du Midi.

Nasal polyposis under debate at the Health Lab

#MONTPELLIER. Stuffy nose, trouble smelling and tasting, runny nose and facial pain& hellip; These are some of the symptoms of nasal polyposis, the most important chronic rhinosinusitis. Largely unknown, this disease nevertheless affects a million people.

We will talk about it during the public debate organized by Midi Libre, in partnership with Sanofi, on Wednesday April 24, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. ;nbsp;h, at the headquarters of Midi Libre, in Saint-Jean-de-Védas. Three speakers will answer Olivier Biscaye’s questions.

Registrations at 06 32 19 16 36 or by clicking on the link here. I subscribe to read more

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