Worse than Grumpy !

Pire que Les Bougon !

Each week, the reality exceeds fiction.

Can you believe that the bandit to tie Ronald Weinberg, Cinar, who with his wife, the late Micheline Charest, has plagiarized the work of Claude Robinson, the one who has set on foot a scheme of fictitious and fraudulently obtained grants and tax credits, the one who has been found guilty of fraud and sentenced to nine years in prison, the one who has defrauded thousands of investors who have lost the savings of their pensions, has dared to… ask for PKU ?

He asked for AND RECEIVED an amount of $ 2000 given by Son Trudeau to compensate people who have lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 !

At this point, this is more of a bandit to tie, it is a Bougon of the worst kind !


When I read the story in the Montreal Gazette, I thought that it was a farce. If we had seen it in a movie, it would have said : “Hey ho, captain ! The writer exaggerates, or it smokes good ! “

Ronald Weinberg, who is currently on parole after serving a year and a half of his sentence of nine years in prison for fraud, has asked for and received the Benefit of canadian emergency !

Here’s what the parole Board wrote to him : “Because you drain currently a sentence for offences of fraud, you have been summoned to a disciplinary committee.

“In the days following, you’ve admitted that your request for financial aid was in question, saw that you were amply able to care for your own needs. […]

“According to your team parole, this event reveals your ability to deceive and manipulate with your version of the events. “

I remind you that Ronald Weinberg was found guilty of fraud after a trial the longest in the history of the country : two years ! It lasted so long that a juror has had time to fall pregnant and give birth !

When the award was made, here’s what Catharine MacDonald, one of the “victims” of Weinberg, said : “I lost, with my husband, the savings of a lifetime, 500 000 $. The award is not to compensate anything, but there is more confidence in the justice system. “

Here’s what judge Pierre Labrie had said about Weinberg : “He has been driven by greed. The fraud was planned, sophisticated and difficult to detect. “


Yes, Weinberg has returned the money to the PCU that he had received, once it has been taken the hand in the dish of candy. But he was not punished for his act of immorality in total.

It really takes a screenwriter quebec tells this story : a bandit who plagiarizes a creator, which diverts millions in accounts that are “offshore” in the Bahamas, with the aid of accomplices and false documents, and that, once released, receives assistance cheques from the government !

Stop watching american films or european on scammers greedy and covetous, and do a film on an abuser, compulsive disorder of our home !

After The Wolf of Wall Street, “The Shark of Montreal” ?

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