Would we be afraid of François Legault?

Aurait-on peur de François Legault?

On television, prime minister Francois Legault has repeated for three months in the same French failing without anyone’s intervention.

When we know the driving force of the television, how much time does it take now to ensure that Quebecers say they are commonly “re-open” and not “re-open” ? At the point of press tv, which the audience some days exceeded that of District 31, the prime minister has never ceased to repeat this word in the wrong.

For a man who preaches the importance of the French language and a government that claims to be the defender, there is not enough to blow the shoulder straps. Is it possible that during this period, the blackest of the pandemic, not a single official, not a single advisor, a person from the immediate surroundings of the prime minister has had the intelligence (or the courage ?) to point out to him that the word “re-open” does not exist ?

There was no one in the entourage of the Dr. Horacio Arruda or at the office of the minister Danielle McCann to emphasize the one and to the other that they repeated slavishly the same mistake ?

This is all to the credit of journalists have never, to my knowledge, mentioned the word “re-open” during the press conference or later in their writings or in their comments on the radio or on television.


Mr. Legault, not seen as much as a man of communication, has proved the opposite during the first months of the pandemic. His press briefings have earned him much praise and are in good part responsible for the high rate of confidence that he still gets in the polls.

The rumor is that the prime minister is authoritarian, and a bit jealous, of the characteristics common in more than a man of action. His entourage would have feared him to emphasise his lack of French ? It may be that none of them wanted to risk losing his good graces ! I don’t see any other explanation than a entourage wimp and docile to let his head in ignorance of a mistake he commits repeatedly.

While we will apply to be removed from the vocabulary of government this “re-open” at fault why not take the opportunity to banish also the barbarism ” client care attendant “, even though it is apprêterait to change the name of the CHSLD, now marked in iron red ?


A beneficiary is ” a person who enjoys a benefit, a right or a privilege “. I wonder what advantage have benefited hundreds of elderly people who perished during this tragic period of the COVID-19 ? It was a privilege to live in a place where there was some old men left in their excrement for hours, even for days ? What rights have they benefited ? Surely not the right to die in dignity.

The poor clerks ! Where could they find their value in being the ” enforcement officers subordinate “, as determined by the definition of the dictionaries ? It exists since a long time in the French language the words “health care aide” and ” caregiver “. They are common in all French-speaking countries, and they describe very well the role that will play to older people 10 000 workers currently in training.

We forgive quickly in prime minister François Legault to have repeated “re-open” up to more thirsty if it required the administration to give a suitable name and rewarding the so-called ” orderlies “.

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