Would you be willing to watch less Netflix and YouTube to preserve the planet ?

Seriez-vous prêt à moins regarder Netflix et YouTube pour préserver la planète ?

Netflix, Youtube : watch the video streaming would be bad for the planet

If you have stopped taking the airplane, as you pass your Sundays to clean the beaches and streets of garbage, or picking up cigarette butts, the next step to protecting the planet would be to stop watching Netflix or Youtube ? According to the Shift Project, the video streaming would be responsible for about 1% of greenhouse gas emissions…

It was an emergency ! Among those (more numerous) who are concerned for the future of the planet, some are trying to make things challenging, for example, the heads of State from around the world, like Greta Thunberg, avoiding to take the plane, or even by picking up waste or cigarette butts. Will it soon look less streaming ?

Watch Netflix and Youtube dangerous for the planet ?

According to the Shift Project, a group of French research, which in July released a report on “the unsustainable use of the online video, which was taken on the 28th October by AFP, the video streaming would be responsible for about 1% of greenhouse gas emissions. Between the terminals, networks, storage and dissemination, it consumes a lot of energy ! Video on demand (with its giant Netflix or Amazon, and soon Apple TV-or + Disney +) dominates and accounts for 34% of the total, or 102 million tons of CO2. Then come to the porn videos (27%), the “tubes” of the internet (21%), and “other” uses (18%).

Internet users called to slow down their consumption

“The digital video, this files are very heavy and that grow with each generation of more high-definition”, notes Gary Cook, who follows the sector for Greenpeace in the United States. Figures all the more worrying as, according to the latest report (September 2019) of the canadian company Sandvine, a specialist in network equipment, video streaming is now 60.6% of the overall traffic on the internet (12 % for Google and Youtube, 11,44 % for Netflix). Hope that this fact will respond the followers of video streaming, and more particularly the subscribers Netflix for that they will decrease their time spent on the platform !

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