Wow, how impressive! The star of “the Magnificent century” appeared on the red carpet in Cannes

Actress Meriem Users fascinated by the appearance in a luxurious dress

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Вау, как эффектно! Звезда "Великолепного века" появилась на красной дорожке в Каннах

Meriem Userli

Famous Turkish actress Meriem Uzerli surprised by his appearance on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival 2019. A celebrity came to Cannes on the third day of the festival.

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The star of the cult TV series “the Magnificent century” decided to make a splash on the Cote d’azur of France and made a bet on a stunning gown from designer Esthere Maryline. It should be noted that red masterpiece of pompous and harmoniously looked on the background track. From under the lush multi-layered skirt with high slit was visible through the slim legs of the actress and silver strappy sandals.

Вау, как эффектно! Звезда "Великолепного века" появилась на красной дорожке в Каннах

Meriem Userli dress designer Esthere Maryline

Great beauty has turned the corset is decorated with red sequins on the physical grid. Stylists Meriem Userli done pretty simple hair – tied-back hair in a bun with a slightly twisted Passover. The whole “shot of beauty” on myself definitely took the dress.

Recall that the crew of “Today,” visited the fitting of the dress the star of the TV series “Melrose” and learned, for one of the guests sew the Ukrainian designers. Photos from the opening ceremony can be viewed at the link.

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