Wrestling: Marko Estrada and the revival of 'spart'

Wrestling: Marko Estrada and the revival of «spart»


There's Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn who are WWE stars, but do you know Marko Estrada? He is a wrestler who participates in the revival of his passion in the province of “spart”, as he likes to say.

And no, it's not in because of his accent from the Acadian Peninsula which makes him pronounce the “O ” as “A”, it is because for the 39-year-old man now based in Quebec, wrestling is a cross between sport and art.

Estrada is one of the leading figures in wrestling in Quebec and spart, in his words, is doing well.

“I would say that wrestling is in a good wave in Quebec, there has been a great rise in popularity in recent years,” he confides, on the phone.

Marko Estrada has been wrestling since he was very young. We see him here in action during a gala at the Stade Canac in Quebec City last summer.

The fact that he occasionally performs at the Diamant de Québec, Robert Lepage's hall, is enough to pique curiosity. Last summer, there was also a gala at the Stade Canac in Quebec, the home of the Capitals.

“The famous church basement, I've never experienced that . I have always had beautiful rooms. Wrestling at Le Diamant brings us a different crowd that we would not see in Limoilou. The fact that Robert Lepage is associated with us helps with credibility. »


Originally from Le Goulet, a small village located in the heart of Acadia, a little south of Shippagan, we can say that Marko fell into wrestling when he was little.

« J really started at a young age because when you were little you liked superheroes and for me it was the same. I dressed up as a wrestler, I rented à la carte events and I went to every event I could see in Tracadie or Néguac. 

He even took things a step further by organizing his own family backyard wrestling nights.

“I built my own arena in my backyard, we were filming it and we were the hot little guys around. 

Becoming Pro

It must be said that Marko was already a good athlete, since he played school hockey, the level of which is rather high in New Brunswick.

“I was supposed to go to Moncton to play Junior A, and I had done a QMJHL recruiting camp. But I chose wrestling and, at 17, I took a course that allowed me to become a professional at 18. 

However, he quickly became disillusioned when he got his paycheck after a first gala.

“I took the leap the first time, made $20. I thought wrestling was sh*t,” he says, bursting into contagious laughter.

Make your place

Built like a piece of wall, very natural and affable, Marko quickly made his mark in the Atlantic provinces and took the road to the Old Capital to study there.

« It caught on quickly , I struggled a couple of places and I was quickly noticed,” he says, adding that it took several years to build his character and create an identity.

< p>What does he appreciate the most? The interaction with the crowd that he never tires of.

“It's awesome to have the crowd in the palm of your hand, to have so many reactions like that.

” It's a stress relief, it's a rare place where people can say what they want and where they can interact with the main actors. “

Different< /strong>

His ring persona is in tune with his larger than life personality. He loves human contact and speaks with great ease.

But in everyday life, he presents another face. He is a prison guard at Orsainville prison.

“In jail, guys keep quiet. They call me 'Monsieur Sourire' because I don't smile often,” he laughs.

His imposing physique may make some reckless individuals want to shake his head off, but beware of those who would dare to challenge him.

“They know me because they have seen me on TV and heard me on the radio. It's still respectful with me. There were some who tried at first, but it didn't last, “he says, with what we guess is a smirk, although it is a conversation. phone. 

His face on TV

You may never have seen Marko Estrada in the ring, but you may have seen him on TV.

He is the one of the headliners of the documentary series Three seconds broadcast on Historia and he recently appeared in a segment of the show Les imposteurs, which is hosted by Rachid Badouri . He will also be part of a gala hosted by Mariana Mazza as part of the series For one night only, available on Amazon Prime from Friday.

“I thought I would slow down, but the demand is there. The past year has been so crazy. I am booked until 2024. It brings me so much happiness. »

« Last week, I was backstage with a 52  years. As long as the body will follow, I will continue, assures Estrada.

” I wrestle every weekend, once or twice a weekend and all over Quebec and even in New Brunswick. “

Not easy

However, he recognizes that the sport is very tough physically and that at 39 years old, he is starting to feel the effects.

“I think that all sports combined, it's the one that wastes the body the most. A chair is a chair. Tables are starting to get expensive, we go through doors now,” he laughs.

And there are all those hours spent swallowing asphalt on the roads of Quebec and the Maritimes.

That's why he tries to renew himself and reach fans elsewhere than in the ring by ensuring a presence on social networks. He especially has fun with comedian Jo Cormier, who likes to play the wrestler's manager.

“ I do a lot of web capsules, people find it funny and I'm followed.  ;»

Fixed, so what?

It's part of folklore to say that wrestling is fixed, but Marko Estrada doesn't bother with that That. He mentions in passing that there is a lot of work invested in the choreography and that the wrestlers are good improvisers.

We remind you, he calls it a spart because wrestling combines sport and art.

« What's wrong with life? The theater or the cinema, it's arranged, he remarked during a telephone interview.

“We are accomplished athletes and I challenge anyone to come into the ring five minutes. »