Writing non-gendered: a change of name creates a stir in the Navy

Écriture non genrée: un changement de nom crée des remous dans la Marine

The change of name of a grade in English by the royal canadian Navy (RCN) creates a stir.

This initiative to change the English name designating a sailor is to replace “seaman” with “sailor”. This would establish a designation not gendered, since the “seaman” refers to a man. However, this change desired by the commandment of the Navy received comments be vocal in online forums.

Rear admiral Chris Sutherland was held to denounce these statements, which he described as hateful, misogynist and racist.

“I’m shocked that you can think of that these comments are acceptable, and that you will not be able to recognize that those you criticize are people who dedicate their life to give you the freedom to comment”, he wrote in English on the page Facebook English of the royal canadian Navy, Saturday.

It has also launched a serious warning to members of the Navy who support these attacks that they see as “cowardly”.

“I would like to say strongly that you do not have a place in our Navy. If you can’t support or live with the values of the canadian Charter of rights and freedoms, then you can’t defend them,” added the admiral.

Chris Sutherland has stressed that the Navy needs to support diversity and inclusion by supporting minority groups or marginalized.

The Navy has launched an online consultation with its members, the 17 July, concerning the change of name to the ranks.

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