Xbox Series X : Microsoft unveils its new console

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Series X video

During the ceremony of the Game Awards 2019 Friday 13 December 2019 in Los Angeles, Microsoft revealed its Xbox Series X video. A promotional clip showing the scope of functionality of the new video game console. Check out all of the first info!!!

The Xbox Series X unveiled in video

While Sony had revealed the release date and the specifics of the PlayStation 5 in October 2019, it is the turn of its rival Microsoft to do the same with the Xbox Series X. This is the big surprise announcement of the Game Awards 2019, which were held on Thursday 12 December 2019 in Los Angeles. In a promotional video for well-rounded, the american company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen has shown the first images of the new video game console.

For the moment, however, Microsoft has not specified neither the price nor the official release date of its Xbox Series X. One simply knows that it should be on sale towards the end of year 2020, just before Christmas. So we’ll have a little wait before you can play it.

“Graphics performance eight times higher than those of the Xbox One”

At the level of features, the new console would run games in 8K resolution (compatible with some tvs top of the range). The Xbox Series X will also display up to 120 frames per second, for a fluidity to the maximum. And the controller of the Xbox is also going to have a great evolution with the addition of a button for sharing content online.

According to Phil Spencer, the current leader of Xbox Game Studios, the console’s long-awaited will be more powerful without being too noisy. As he explained to Gamespot : “We wanted a major development in the consoles Xbox One. When we made the accounts, we get a product whose graphics performance is eight times higher than those of the Xbox One, and two times higher than those of a Xbox One X”.

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