Xi Jinping, the red guard

Xi Jinping, le garde rouge

While the world is busy fighting the COVID-19, Xi Jinping advance its pawns on the world stage with the heaviness and savagery of a red guard.

The government of the Philippines, which was closer to the China, just do an about face to return to the bosom of the United States. It is that China is accelerating the militarization of the south China sea. Chinese purchase of massive oil venezuelan, in spite of the embargo, are opposed to u.s. policies and interests of the majority of Latin american countries. The chinese propaganda on the social networks reached such levels, that the company Twitter has shut down hundreds of thousands of accounts that were operated by the chinese government.

1. How Xi Jinping is a red guard ?

The youth of Xi Jinping has been bathed by the evil influence of the red guards. The red guards were revolutionary students. Violent, inflexible and dogmatic, the head is completely siphoned by the cult of Mao Zedong, they imagined themselves to give birth to a new world, free from western standards, by destroying systematically the ancient culture of china and western culture. This willingness to reshape the world following an ideal maoist has reemerged in China. A new cultural Revolution, which does not say its name, is driven by Xi and by a part of his entourage. It is aimed at the whole world.

2. Why the Philippines is moving away from China ?

A few years ago, the chinese government had managed to unhook the Philippines to the United States. He just has to get the opposite effect. In April, the chinese government has announced the creation of a new district of the territorial Sea of China. This district encompasses areas that are claimed by the Philippines. As a result, at the beginning of June, the philippine government announced that it would renew for six months the military agreements with the United States, agreements to which it had denounced.

3. How China buys it’s oil from Venezuela ?

Journalists of Reuters explained yesterday, in a story very detailed, how the state-owned companies in china, with the assistance of Russia, route of the oil of venezuela to China. The oil of venezuela, transferring, hiding, from supertankers to smaller vessels, and the origin of the oil is masked. The little game of new guards red chinese, who sought to escape the american surveillance, has come to be spotted. The support of China in Venezuela ails many Latin american countries.

4. What the chinese propaganda has become more strident ?

The company Twitter has closed hundreds of thousands of accounts, propaganda, chinese. The chinese government used to discredit the democracies, or to make people believe that the riots in Hong Kong do not create a handful of persons in the pay of the United States. The company Zoom has closed sites where the Chinese were critical of the chinese government – including two sites located in the United States, in error, according to the company. This intolerance to the extreme to the opinions of others, as well as the cult of the thought of the chinese president are characteristics of the red guards.

5. What are the effects of the policies of Xi international ?

In seeking to topple awkwardly to the old american order to enforce the new order of china, Xi coalise against China, American allies, in addition to arouse the mistrust of the allies, the chinese. But Xi does not know better, given his low level of education and its contamination hopeless to the trivial ideas of the red guards.

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