Xiaomi is preparing a eco-friendly mobile solar battery: photo

The smartphone will have edge-to-edge screen with front camera under the display

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Xiaomi готовит эко-смартфон с солнечной батареей: фото

Smartphone the back side is covered with solar panel

The world intellectual property organization enthusiasts had discovered the patent on the creation of a Xiaomi smartphone with edge-to-edge display and a solar panel on the back side of the case. Known for his images on the basis of inside information, the resource LetsGoDigital visualize prototype smartphone based on patents.

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As seen in the images, the front panel is occupied by the display without any cut- front-facing camera is hidden under the screen. In early summer, Xiaomi has already demonstrated a prototype smartphone Mi 9 with the front camera that is hidden under the display.

Xiaomi готовит эко-смартфон с солнечной батареей: фото

A distinctive feature of the smartphone is a solar battery

Another distinctive feature is the solar battery, which occupies more than half the surface of the rear panel. While the solar panel if and thickens smartphone, not much — the camera module continues to be above the surface. The fingerprint sensor, most likely located under the screen. The main camera is dual.

Xiaomi готовит эко-смартфон с солнечной батареей: фото

The drawings on the basis of a patent Xiaomi

It is unclear whether Xiaomi do to produce these “eco-friendly” smartphone.

Xiaomi готовит эко-смартфон с солнечной батареей: фото

General view of the prototype Xiaomi

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