Xiaomi Mi Band 3 officially went on sale in Ukraine

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 официально поступил в продажу в Украине

3 Mi Band can run for up to 20 days.

In Ukraine officially started selling fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 3. It can be purchased for 899 USD. Tracker also received the support of the Cyrillic alphabet, so an on-screen notification will be displayed correctly.

Earlier Xiaomi Mi Band 3 could be bought in Ukraine for pre-order, but the price was much higher – 1399 UAH.

The official cost of the Mi Band 3 in Ukraine differs little from the recommended in China. So, during a presentation called the price of 169 yuan is about 700 USD.

As you know, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a touch screen, almost twice more than the predecessor. The unit also has protection against water and dust, which gives the opportunity to dive under water to a depth of 50m.

On a single charge of the battery 3 Mi Band can run for up to 20 days.

While the much-hyped NFC chip, which allows you to pay with the bracelet, this model is not received. Will there be a Ukraine version with NFC, is still unknown. It is likely that such models will be sold exclusively in China.

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