Xiaomi officially commented on the incident with the explosion of smartphone

Xiaomi официально прокомментировала инцидент со взрывом смартфона

For Xiaomi very important customer safety.

A few days ago we reported that the smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1 exploded while charging. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Today Xiaomi has issued an official comment about this.

For Xiaomi is very important the safety of customers and experience the use products. We evaluated the situation occurred and got in touch with the user. After clarification of all circumstances of incident, the customer was issued a new device. The cause of smartphone failure is the use of non-original charger.

We ask all our users to use proprietary cables and adapters to charge their smartphones Xiaomi. We would like to stress once again that we have taken stringent measures to ensure high quality of all our products.

Thus, the reason, as so often happens, it was a poor quality aftermarket charger. It is commendable that Xiaomi is not just left at the side of the incident, but replaced the user device, and also officially commented on the situation.

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